At the J H Kim Taekwondo Institute, we teach Taekwondo as a complete system. This includes kicks, punches, hand and foot blocks, sweeps, joint locks, grappling and throws as well as competitive Olympic-style Taekwondo. We pride ourselves on our technical excellence that stems from our analytical approach and dedication towards teaching Taekwondo. The J H Kim system is practical and stays relevant in modern times while tapping on our deep understanding of the traditions of the martial art.

We understand that life is quite hectic, and that it is not always easy to get away for a workout. That’s why we offer many classes throughout the day, seven days a week. Adult students (based on their program) are allowed to attend as many classes as they would like, at no extra charge.

Our adult classes range from:
  • fundamental skills
  • traditional & modern forms
  • full-range techniques
  • self-defense & other application-based techniques
  • fitness and flexibility
  • sparring (including competition team training)
  • test preparation