Toh Tuck Instructors & Staff

Mr Sureyaraaj A/L Rajah
Senior Instructor
An experienced and agile Kyorugi fighter with gold medals from national championships - both locally and abroad - under his belt, Mr Sureyaraaj extends his passion beyond the arena to instil in his students the confidence, competence and fighting spirit to excel in the sport. As a Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF)-certified coach and referee for Kyorugi as well as Poomsae, Mr Sureyaraaj is eminently qualified to advance the development of his students in the sport, both in general terms, and for competition standards. While he exacts demanding standards in training from his students, he is ever mindful of their safety, and the need to make practice sessions fun and interesting. His enthusiasm and dynamism lends a natural inclination to inject fresh ideas into his classes, while still maintaining discipline and focus. Mr Sureyaraaj's special interest in full-range sparring techniques has inspired him to create age-appropriate strategies that immerse students in an enjoyable yet conducive environment which allows children and adults alike to acquire effective techniques.

Ms Kathy Leen Perez
Advanced Instructor
Ms Kathy Leen has been teaching Taekwondo since 1998, and has also competed internationally - a testament to her passion for the sport. She successfully draws on her wealth of experience to challenge their perceived limits, and has been an active promoter of the J H Kim system since 2010. Ms Kathy holds a degree in Elementary Education with Specialisation in Physical Education, and young children relate especially well to her - particularly her systematic teaching style and her warm, caring, and bubbly personality. She is a qualified poomsae coach and also a kyorugi referee.

Mr Ng Jie Sheng
Faced with a career choice in the finance industry, and another in the martial arts domain, Mr Jie Sheng decided upon the path closer to his natural inclination, hence his profession today as a Taekwondo instructor at J H Kim. No stranger to accomplishments, he has won medals in both state and national-level championships in Malaysia, and his latest achievement in attaining a Bachelor of Science in Finance amply demonstrates his diversity of talents. This professional training has imbued Mr Jie Sheng with the need to be meticulous and systematic in his approach when teaching Taekwondo, something which he earnestly puts to good effect. Her friendly mannerism, patience and approachability allows his students to overcome obstacles to learning, and maximise their potential in the sport.

Ms Andrina Chung