Bukit Timah Instructors & Staff

Master Lai Han Seng
Head Instructor
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Ms Lai Hai Mei
Advanced Instructor/Manager, Customer Sales & Service
With a strong passion for Taekwondo, Ms Lai decided to pursue a degree in Sports Science while doing part-time coaching in the School. Since her graduation, she has been working full-time and her kind disposition endeared her to many students. She has used her personal experience and interest in competitive poomsae to help the students achieve their best in gradings and competitions. Her passion for Taekwondo also resulted her receiving a Best Referee award during the National School Games in 2012. Besides being a NCAP Level 2 and Poomsae Coach Level 3 certified coach, Ms Lai is also an ISSA-certified sports masseur.

Ms Thanchanok Charoensap
Advanced Instructor/2nd-in-Command
Ms Thanchanok Charoensap, also fondly known as “Ms Pam”, graduated with a second class honours in Sports and Exercise Science from the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Ms Pam had extensive competitive experience in kyurogi and poomsae and had won medals in the Thailand University Games as a poomsae competitor. Her experiences make her the natural choice as specialist for our poomsae and demonstration teams. Despite her achievements, Ms Pam maintains a sweet disposition that endears her to the students in our taekwon-tots classes. On top of being NCAP-certified and Poomsae Coach Level 3 certified, Ms Pam is also an ISSA-certified sports masseur.

Ms Leigh Anne R. Nuguid
Advanced Instructor
Hailing from Philippines, Ms Leigh is our specialist in competitive kyorugi. Her gentle disposition hides the nerves of a seasoned fighter and besides being a multiple-times gold medalist in Korean Open, Ms Leigh is also a two times gold medalist of the ASEAN Taekwondo Federation Championships as well as a SEA games medalist. Before working at the School, Ms Leigh attained her degree in Sports and Recreation Management from the De La Salle University. Ms Leigh is also an NCAP and Poomsae Level 3 certified coach, as well as an ISSA-certified sports masseur.

Mr Loganathan Yuvaraj
Mr Yuvaraj majored in electrical and electronics engineering and originally worked as an engineer in Singapore. However his love for Taekwondo and coaching made him took the brave decision to switch to coaching Taekwondo in Singapore. Already an experienced coach in India, Mr Yuvaraj upgraded his knowledge by attaining his Singapore Taekwondo Federation certtifications before switching to full-time teaching at the School. Mr Yuvaraj has experiences in both kyorugi and poomsae and has won numerous medals at district, state and national levels in India. Mr Yuvaraj received the Best Social Worker Award from the Malaysia SPT International Conference & Peace Award Program in 2018.

Ms Phan Bich Thuy
Ms Phan Bich Thuy, also known as “Ms Nao”, fell in love with Singapore when she studied here in the mid 2000s. She has a degree in Hospitality Business Management but decided to pursue her other love, Taekwondo. Besides being NCAP-level 2 certified, Ms Nao is also a dedicated kyorugi referee and she has received two best referee awards since she started her refereeing in 2017.

Mr Chris Lee
Mr Chris has been practicing Taekwondo since the age of 10. He represented his state in Malaysia in various competitions and has won numerous medals. Mr Chris believes that Taekwondo not only trains our physical strength and agility, but is also beneficial to our psychological development. It is with this mindset that he decided to be a Taekwondo coach and pass on the spirit of Taekwondo to this students.

Ms Low Fei Yin
Manager, Customer Sales & Service/Human Resource
Ms Feiyin has a degree in economics and is well-suited to deal with the thousands of mind-boggling tasks that comes with our customer service position. Her wide smile and sunny disposition makes her an ideal choice for helping our parents and students with their needs. While she had no experience in Taekwondo prior to joining the school, she has since started her journey and her new-found experience will help to give her more insights on providing even better service!

Mr Jack Tay

Mr Ho Shu Chang
Customer Sales & Service
While Mr Shu Chang studied engineering during his time in the polytechnic and university, his passion for customer service led him to applying for customer service positions after his graduation. His personal vision is to provide excellent service and customer experience to parents and students and he is ever ready to provide a helping hand when they are in need.

Mr P Barath
Customer Sales & Service
Mr Barath, one of the latest additions to the team in 2018, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. Though being a customer service executive is a far cry from his studies, his service-oriented and diligent nature makes him a valuable inclusion to the team. With his engineering brain, Mr Barath possesses the organizational and analytical skills needed to handle the nuances of a customer service role. If anything, his warm smile is sure to win the day!

Ms Elaine Ong
Customer Sales & Service/Social Media
Ms Elaine studied life sciences during university but her interest in people led her to working in customer service. Her experience in Taekwondo, coupled with her willingness to go the extra mile makes her a great addition to the team. Ms Elaine is also responsible for the the posts on our Facebook pages and always welcomes your likes and shares!

Mr Billy J. Manalo
Customer Sales & Service
After obtaining a diploma in hospitality and tourism management, Mr Billy has pursued a career in customer service. His experience in various industries has taught him how to meet and exceed customer exceptions with service that sells. His friendly and cheerful disposition makes him a natural in his work.