Bukit Timah Instructors & Staff

Master Lai Han Seng
Head Instructor
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Mr Syahril Bin Osman
Senior Instructor/2nd-in-Command
Mr Syahril has close to ten years of teaching experience in the J H Kim system and is one of our school’s specialists in teaching children under the age of five. Young children relate to his easy-going and amiable teaching style, while parents have often commended his unique ability to motivate and challenge children to surpass their limitations. Despite his gentle ways, Mr Syahril is a three-time National Champion in kyorugi. Besides his NCAP-Level 2 and Poomsae Coach-Level 3 coaching certifications, Mr Syahril is also a Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach from NESTA-MMACA.

Mr Lee Jun Sang
Senior Instructor
Mr Lee excelled in the various sub-disciplines of Taekwondo including Kyorugi, Poomsae and Demonstration and has won numerous medals since middle school. He pursued his passion and majored in Taekwondo in one of the top Taekwondo university, Chosen university. Mr Lee was also part of the World Taekwondo Federation Peace Corps in 2013 and had travelled to Nepal as part of the Peace Corp to spread Taekwondo to all parts of the world. His versatility has allowed him to assist in the competition teams for Kyorugi, Poomsae and Demonstration.

Mr Ivan Mok You Qiang
Advanced Instructor/HR
As a hearing-impaired practitioner of Taekwondo, Mr Ivan has overcome several obstacles to earning his black belt. His dedication to his sport has resulted in him becoming Singapore’s first Taekwondo Fighter at an International Multi-Sport Games. His strong desire for self-improvement also pushed him to study for his diploma for sports eduction and coaching.

Ms Lai Hai Mei
Advanced Instructor/CSS
With a strong passion for Taekwondo, Ms Lai decided to pursue a degree in Sports Science while doing part-time coaching in the School. Since her graduation, she has been working full-time and her kind disposition endeared her to many students. She has used her personal experience and interest in competitive poomsae to help the students achieve their best in gradings and competitions.

Ms Janeth Amistad
Ms Janeth is an avid Taekwondo practitioner and has won many medals in her country at state and national-levels. Although she had graduated from university with a Management degree, Ms Janeth decided to pursue her passion of Taekwondo by joining the School as a full-time coach. While Ms Janeth has an amiable attitude, she can also be firm when she needs to and she has completed her NCAP and Poomsae Coach coaching certifications.

Mr Lee Kyungsu
Mr Lee is a native of South Korea and majored in Taekwondo and minored in tourism management during his university days. Upon graduation, he decided to work outside South Korea to gain further life and work experiences. Mr Lee worked in Australia in tourism-related industry before joining the School in late 2015. Mr Lee had taught Taekwondo in Korea for three years and loves to work with children.

Ms Gloria Mok
Ms Gloria started learning Taekwondo and received her rank of black belt in Singapore. A hardworking instructor, Ms Gloria had been volunteering as a coach before she stopped due to her pregnancy. Now a mother of one beautiful daughter, Ms Gloria decided to join the School as a full-time instructor where she can continue to pass on her passion of Taekwondo to the students.

Ms Low Fei Yin
Customer Sales & Service
Ms Feiyin has a degree in economics and is well-suited to deal with the thousands of mind-boggling tasks that comes with our customer service position. Her wide smile and sunny disposition makes her an ideal choice for helping our parents and students with their needs. While she had no experience in Taekwondo prior to joining the school, she has since started her journey and her new-found experience will help to give her more insights on providing even better service!

Ms Yeoh Ai Keng
Ms Ai Keng joined the school in 2015 after many successful years in the audit industry. Her vast experience in accounting and auditing helps to ensure that the schools run smoothly without financial worries. Her caring and understanding nature also fits in with the culture of the school and she has been a great addition to the school.