Bukit Timah Instructors & Staff

Master Lai Han Seng
Head Instructor
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Ms Lai Hai Mei
Deputy Head Instructor
With a strong passion for Taekwondo, Ms Lai decided to pursue a degree in Sports Science while doing part-time coaching in the School. Since her graduation, she has been working full-time and her kind disposition endeared her to many students. She has used her personal experience and interest in competitive poomsae to help the students achieve their best in gradings and competitions. Her passion for Taekwondo also resulted her in receiving a Best Referee award during the National School Games in 2012. Besides being a NCAP Level 2 and Poomsae Coach Level 3 certified coach, Ms Lai is also an ISSA-certified sports masseur. Last but not least, Ms Lai is an accomplished black belt in Kummooyeh and an internationally-recognized instructor of the World Kummooyeh Federation.

Ms Leigh Anne R. Nuguid
Senior Instructor
Hailing from Philippines, Ms Leigh is our specialist in competitive kyorugi. Her gentle disposition hides the nerves of a seasoned fighter and besides being a multiple-times gold medalist in Korean Open, Ms Leigh is also a two-time gold medalist of the ASEAN Taekwondo Federation Championships as well as a SEA games medalist. Before working at the School, Ms Leigh attained her degree in Sports and Recreation Management from the De La Salle University. Ms Leigh is also an NCAP and Poomsae Level 3 certified coach, as well as an ISSA-certified sports masseur. Last but not least, Ms Leigh is a talented black belt in Kummooyeh and an internationally-recognized instructor of the World Kummooyeh Federation.

Mr Teoh Zheng Fung
Mr Teoh hails from Malaysia but has since become a permanent resident of Singapore for many years. While Mr Teoh graduated with a degree in business management from RMIT, he decided to pursue his passion of Taekwondo and joined the team in 2019. He is a dedicated and patient instructor who will spend time explaining and breaking down complex techniques to the students. Besides holding a Poomsae Level 2 certification, Mr Teoh is also our specialist in demonstration techniques.

Mr Ahmad Atif Bin Zulkiflee
A fresh graduate from the faculty of accountancy from UiTM, Mr Atif joined the School in 2019 to fulfill a childhood dream and has since become an integral part of the team. Mr Atif’s overwhelming positivity and ‘go for it’ attitude are contagious, while his modesty is endearing. His bright and cheerful countenance never fails to make the day of the students he teaches. Mr Atif is a Poomsae Level 2 certified coach.

Ms Charisse Jane N. Gasmin
A hard-working individual, Ms Charisse graduated with a second class honors in Sports and Exercise Science from the prestigious Far Eastern University in Phllippines. Ms Charisse had extensive experience in poomsae and is a multi-time gold medalist in Philippines and Korea. Her experiences make her the natural choice as specialist for our poomsae and demonstration teams. Ms Charisse believes that learning is not attained by chance, but must be sought for with passion and attended to with dedication and she hopes to pass on this passion to our students. Ms Charisse is a Poomsae Level 2 certified coach.

Ms Durga Devi Krishna Moorthy
Ms Durga comes from Pahang, Malaysia and started her Taekwondo journey under ITF. She has extensive experience coaching traditional forms from a young age and strikes a good balance between having fun with the students while mentoring them firmly. Besides her experience with traditional forms, Ms Durga is also a Poomsae Level 2 certified coach.

Mr Kelvin Tan Jun Wei
Mr Kelvin is a trained nurse but decided to take a break from his nursing career and joined our team. With an ever-smiling face and a warm personality, Mr Kelvin is always approachable to students. Behind the facade of gentleness however, Mr Kelvin hides many years of martial arts training not just in Taekwondo but in Muay Thai and Boxing as well. Mr Kelvin is a Poomsae Level 2 certified coach.

Ms Low Fei Yin
Assistant General Manager
Ms Feiyin has a degree in economics and is well-suited to deal with the thousands of mind-boggling tasks that comes with our customer service position. Her wide smile and sunny disposition makes her an ideal choice for helping our parents and students with their needs. Her years of experience supporting the parents and students of the School gives her invaluable insights on the best way to solve any issues that may occur at the School.

Mr Jack Tay

Mr Syed Al-Umar Dinar Bin Syed Jamal Nasir
Customer Sales & Service
Mr Syed loves to be a “jack of all trades” and try out new things. Being an avid fitness enthusiast, he pursued his Higher Nitec in Sports & Management and also become a personal fitness trainer. Mr Syed’s innate desire to learn some form of martial arts eventually led him to choose Taekwondo, which he is now learning with much excitement. Coupled with his previous customer service experience as a flight attendant, Mr Syed hopes to bring his humorous and affable nature to the company.

Ms Siti Nurhirda’Ayu Binte Mahmood
Customer Sales & Service
Coming from a background in Early Childhood Education, Ms Siti has a gentle disposition and is always willing to lend a hand for any students in need of help. A mother herself, Ms Siti understands the challenges of bringing kids up and always avails herself to helping parents and students in any circumstances.